C202 - Film Forming Amine Solution


C202 Film Forming Amine Solution is a specially formulated corrosion inhibitor designed for use in heavy oilfield brines, sea water, and calcium chloride brines.  This product is completely soluble at high temperatures and remains in solution where other products tend to separate and “oil out” in calcium chloride brines.  C202 finds particular application as a corrosion inhibitor in water-based packer fluids where long-term stability is necessary such as in inaccessible areas or where high bottom-hole temperatures exist. The casing annulus is protected from corrosion in both CO2 and H2S environments. Other applications include corrosion inhibition of water-based drilling fluids, and surface water injection systems.


Density (Lbs. /Gal):  8.305

Specific Gravity:  0.996

Flash Point (TCC):  >200oF

pH:  6.5 to 8


Isopropanol:  Soluble

Methanol:  Soluble

Fresh Water:  Soluble

High TDS Brine:  Soluble

Heavy Aromatic Solvent:  Insoluble


A typical application of finished product used in drilling with a water-based drilling fluid would be mixing 2 gallons of C202 with 3 gallons of diesel and slugging the mixture through the suction pump every 2 to 8 hours.  The frequency would be dependent upon CO2 and H2S intrusion into the well bore.  For use as a water-based packer fluid, recommended treatment concentrations for C202 Corrosion Inhibitor are 2,500 to 20,000 ppm (0.25 to 2.0% by volume) based on the calculated volume of fluid to be inhibited.


C202 is shipped in 55 gallon plastic drums.  For information regarding safety precautions in handling, health hazards, and exposure, please refer to the safety data sheet.  In case of an emergency, please call 800-669-8023.