CL9390 - Phosphate Ester (Scale Inhibitor)


CL9390 Phosphate Ester is a corrosion inhibitor designed for application in low solids, non-dispersed bentonite based drilling fluids, brine water systems and air mist/stable foam drilling operations.  The product is a solution of an organophosphate and a calcium tolerant dispersant that has proven to be a highly effective corrosion inhibitor in the reduction of pitting corrosion attack caused by dissolved oxygen.  CL9390 is well suited for applications where calcium scale deposition is a potential problem and is especially effective in highly aerated fluid systems such as those utilized in under balanced drilling operations. CL9390 is an anodic inhibitor that may be used as is, or winterized further.


Density (Lbs. /Gal):  8.64

Specific Gravity:  1.036

Flash Point (TCC):  >200oF

pH:  7.0

Ionic Charge:  Anionic


Fresh Water:  Soluble

High TDS Brine:  Soluble

Isopropanol:  Insoluble

Diesel Oil:  Insoluble

Heavy Aromatic Solvent:  Insoluble


CL9390 may be used in water based drilling fluids as a scale inhibitor by adding 5-10 gallons per day.  It may be used as a primary corrosion inhibitor by adding 2.5 gallons of CL9390 for every 100 barrels of makeup fluid and maintaining 500 ppm.  It may be used in air mist/stable foam drilling operations by adding 2 gallons per hour into the mist line.


CL9390 is shipped in 55 gallon plastic drums.  For information regarding safety precautions in handling, health hazards, and exposure, please refer to the safety data sheet.  In case of an emergency, please call 800-669-8023.