CLTD120 - Hydrogen Sulfide Scavenger


CLTD120 Hydrogen Sulfide Scavenger is a liquid, water-soluble zinc chelate designed to scavenge Hydrogen Sulfide in most brine and fresh water drilling fluid systems.  It also provides some degree of protection against corrosion resulting from oxygen.  CLTD120 is compatible with all brine and fresh water polymer systems, all brine and fresh water systems free of solids, brine water clay and starch systems, and weighted systems where additional dispersion is not a problem.  CLTD120 will not precipitate in high pH systems.


Density (Lbs. /Gal):  11.5

Specific Gravity:  1.37 to 1.38

Flash Point (TCC):  >200oF

Zinc Content:  12%

pH:  3.8 to 4.9


Fresh Water:  Soluble

Brine Water:  Soluble


Drilling fluids should be pretreated with CLTD120 prior to drilling a formation suspected of containing Hydrogen Sulfide.  One gallon of CLTD120 per 100 barrels of drilling fluid will treat out approximately 15 ppm.  Moderate intrusions of hydrogen sulfide can be controlled by a tourly, continuous treatment of 2 ½ to 5 gallons of CLTD120.  Treatment of higher volume intrusions requires correspondingly larger amounts of CLTD120.


CLTD120 is shipped in 55 gallon plastic drums.  For information regarding safety precautions in handling, health hazards, and exposure, please refer to the safety data sheet.  In case of an emergency, please call 800-669-8023.