CLTD593 - Oxygen Scavenger/Corrosion Inhibitor


CLTD593 Oxygen Scavenger/Corrosion Inhibitor is a concentrated mixture of rapid acting oxygen scavenger and phosphate ester corrosion inhibitor used to control corrosion in drilling fluids and oil production systems.  The product is a highly effective corrosion inhibitor in the reduction of pitting corrosion attack caused by dissolved oxygen.  CLTD593 is compatible with all water based drilling fluids, and was developed specifically for our automatic injection system to provide comprehensive protection for tubular goods in drilling applications.


Appearance: Pale yellow liquid

Odor:  Strong Sulfur Dioxide odor

Density (Lbs. /Gal):  10.7-10.97

Specific Gravity:  1.285-1.315 @ 68oF

pH:  4.9-5.5


Fresh Water:  Soluble

Brine Water:  Soluble


CLTD593 can be added directly into the suction pit preferably via a chemical injection pump.  In cut brine / fresh water systems excess sulfites should be maintained at 70-80 ppm.  1 gallon of CLTD593 per 1,000 barrels of fluid will generate 24 ppm excess sulfites.  10 ppm excess sulfites will treat out approximately 1 ppm oxygen.  Generally, 20 gallons CLTD593 injected per day provides the desired results.


CLTD593 is shipped in 275 gallon IBC's or 55 gallon plastic drums.  For information regarding safety precautions in handling, health hazards, and exposure, please refer to the safety data sheet.  In case of an emergency, please call 800-669-8023.